Activate vodafone gprs pack from mobile for revised internet 2g packs

If your handset has an HTML browser, you can start browsing directly on your Vodafone mobile phone. And if you have a URL based corporate intranet, you can access even that! All this at fantastic speeds with the latest EDGE technology.  Vodafone USSD Code recharging internet pack from mobile shown below.

Prepaid pack
Prepaid pack
Pack NameBenefitsValidityActivation code
Bonus 5Enjoy 50 MB free Usage on USSD and
30 MB on eRecharge
24 Hours*121*05#
Bonus 14Enjoy 90 MB free Usage3 days*121*14#
Bonus 17Enjoy 110 MB free Usage3 days*121*17#
Bonus 25Enjoy 150 MB Free Usage7 Days*121*25#
Bonus 49Enjoy 300 MB Free Usage10 Days*121*49#
Bonus 98Enjoy 650 MB Free Usage21 Days*121*98#
Bonus 124Enjoy 1 GB Free Usage30 Days*121*124#
Bonus148Enjoy 1250 MB Free Usage30 Days*121*148#
Bonus 199Enjoy unlimited internet at no extra data charges 
(post 2GB usage speed will be reduced to 40 kbps)
30 Days*121*199#