How to use android phone as webcam :Simple steps to setup a Wifi WebCam

DroidCam – Use your Android phone as a wireless webcam or an IP Cam! by using DroidCam  which is developed by Dev47Apps

To use Android phone as webcam you have to download following application .
Android App-Droid Cam(Form App Brain) or Droid Cam(From market) 
PC client 

1. Turn on WiFi on your phone and connect to your home network as you normally would.
2. Start DroidCamX, it should print “Starting Server.. IP: A.B.C.D Port: 4747″ (as shown in the screenshot)
3. Open your Internet browser on your computer and type in A.B.C.D:4747 into the address bar (replace these with whatever DroidCamX prints) and press enter!  Format A at 384×288 works best, followed by Format C.

To use DroidCam as a webcam, you need to download and install the PC Client., if you are having problems post them..

If you don't have WiFi PC  you can check the alternate  method
android as USB WebCam