Simple way to increase your followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook page

 The Twitter and Facebook powers will be so great if you have more than 5000 followers on Twitter or 5000 fans on Facebook. But, how to get a huge followers/fans in a short time for free? It’s so hard.Social Media is the best way to share your thoughts and your updates in single click.  As you know Twitter and Facebook are the leading social Media now a days. Most sites offer selling Followers and Fans in Twitter and Facebook. Now i am going to share about the Free and Easy way to increase your Twitter followers , Fans in Facebook page as well as Youtube Video Views and Your Website Visitors too. So don’t be shy to apply our following black tips by using Twiends. You can get much of Twiends coupon codes also in this blog!

There are 4 targets for you:
- Grow Twitter followers (free twitter followers buy)
- Grow Facebook fans base.
- Grow Youtube video views.
- Grow website traffics

I recommend you should focus on only one target, it will be better and easier for your boosting. Once join in the service, you will get 50 credits. You can set the bids for one target unit (one follower on Twitter/ one fans on Facebook/…). To get more credits, you can follow other Twitter, Like other Facebook pages, view Youtube videos or access to websites.
Tips: If your target is Facebook fans base, you should set the bid is 4 credits. If Twitter followers, 3 credits is a good bid! Those are the great bids to follow/like to get credits. Don’t be greedy, let’s skip bids too low.

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