Blogger has released an official Android App:Good news for all android Folks!!

Good news for all android Folks!!. Blogger has released an official Android App. Its simple and neat and does the job perfectly.  You can create a post or make drafts from your android device.If you are an android user, try it out by downloading the App from the Android market  


  •     Switch between Google Accounts as in any other Google Android App
  •     Publish posts or save drafts
  •     Upload photos from your android gallery, or take one on the fly with the mobile camera and post it
  •     Share your location and geotag your post.
  •     Share your Gallery images easily to Blogger. ( A blogger option will be added to your Share Menu)
  •     View and Edit saved Drafts/ Published Posts made from the mobile app(not the ones that already exist)

The app does a neat job though it doesn’t give you much power in formatting your posts properly. This is the first ever version of the official Android App, so maybe we could expect many more features in the future.

You can provide feedbacks about this application to the blogger team and help them in developing better versions