System Volume Information is not accessible Why?How to delete it ?

If you use system restore,You must have noticed the System volume Information folders in the root of each of your drives.This folder stores the files used by system.Restore.Their sizes can sometime balloon to gigabytes,because System Restore doesn't delete your older restore points whrn creating a new on. Moreover,  every time you try to acces the folder, you get the Access  Denied error .Oh ,and you  can't delete the fioder either .So what did you do when you want to view its contents?

In an Explorer Window ,go to Tools >Folder option >View.
Here choose Show hidden files and folders Uncheck Hide  Protected Operating System Files and Uses Simple File Sharing
You should now be able to access the System Volume Information folders;if not ,you'll have to add yourself to the list of users allowed to access the folder.Right click on the system Volume Information and go to Properties>Security .Click Add under Group or User names and enter your user name in the dialog that appears. Click OK , and in the bottom half of the Security tab,grant yourself all the permissions