Ten easy step to browse internet on computer using your gprs or edge mobile as modem

1:Click on the network connection in the control panel
2:Create new  internet connection from network task placed at left top bar
3:Then a menu will be  pop u
p click next
4:Select connect to the internet and click next
5:In this menu select  setup my connection manually then click next
6:Select connect using dial-up modem click next
7:Use ur correct modem from the list and click next
8:Give ISP name as AIRCEL,Idea Vodafone,Airtel or Bsnl etc  click next
*99*1#  as dialing number then click
10:Leave user-name and password blank click next and Click on Finish button you have done
Now click on the windows start button >>Connect to >>There you will see AIRCEL  and click on that and a menu will be popup then click on dial

For sony ericsson

Not-down the position of access point in data-communication profile and replace 1 with  that number

Nokia users dial

U can also give extra initialization command
Go to control panel>>modem>>select a modem{ur phone modem}>>properties advanced>>Extra initialization command then copy and past the below code

Replace aircelgprs with your service  provider (APN)access point