Quick Access To Control Panel Applets ,simple keyboard shortcut keys

If you’re a keyboard warrior and don’t really like going to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, or the likes, you will love these shortcuts.
Just press [Windows] + [R], type in one of the following, and press [Enter].
appwiz.cpl will open the Add/Remove Programs dialog
desk.cpl will open the Display Properties dialog
firewall.cpl opens your Windows Firewall settings
inetcpl.cpl will take you straight to Internet Options
mmsys.cpl will open the Sound and Audio Devices controller
ncpa.cpl will open Network Connections
nusrmgr.cpl opens the User Accounts window
powercfg.cpl will take you to the Power Options Properties dialog
sysdm.cpl will open System Properties.
You can also just use [Windows] + [Pause/Break]!
wscui.cpl opens up the Security Center
wuaucpl.cpl opens up the Automatic Updates Configuration window