Infinite Ammo cheat:Grand Thef Auto San Andreas GTA Game Cheat codes and Tips

Buy the weapons mainly(M4,SMG)from any ammunition shop in any area of city then you will find that you got
near about normal bullets as you purchased,But if you will go to that ammunition shop which have available 'Shooting-Range Challenge' then when you will find highlight red-marker(of 'Shooting-Range Challenge')
which shows as a large at corner or another side in the arms shop then you can make infinite ammo of weapons,Ignore the challenge by pressing reject button again and again this will increase your weapon's ammo,when your weapon's ammo becomes 10000 then when you again press then it will
become infinite ammo.
Note:- This cheat is valid only for selected weapons(M4,SMG).
Submitted by: Ashish Kumar


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