What is VoIP ,can we call for free through VoIP anywhere in India and abroad?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is a form of telephony that involves the routing of voice calls over an IP-based network (such as the Internet), thus making cheaper call rates possible. There are no providers offering free calls to India, but a few VoIP providers such as Globe7 at www.globe7.com,  VoipBuster at www.voipbuster.com, and Gizmogear at www.gizmoproject.com allow you to call free to certain destinations,but only after you pay for a minimum amount of credit.
The minimum system requirements usually quoted by VoIP providers is a computer running Windows 2000/XP/Vista with a 300 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM, 10 MB free hard drive space, a full-duplex sound card, a headset, and at least a 64 Kbps Internet connection. You should have no problems with your configuration as far as VoIP is concerned. It does not require any special hardware. All you need to do is download the VoIP software client from the above Web sites, buy credit, and start calling.