Simple way to Encrypt and Decrypt secret files without any software

I am going to explain a simple or easy  way to  encrypt your personal  files without using any extra money or software.And as i have mentioned early its a simple way, some of you may Know this trick from their childhood and its can be decrypt  at any  time you want.
The only thing that you want is a personal file and windows platform. These are  the steps involved.


1:Select the secret file
2:Go to tool bar select the tool beside the Help
3:Select the folder option then a folder option menu will be pop-up
4:Select view
5:Under File And Folder  you will see an option "Hide extension for known file types-ON"
6:Change the state to off by  deselecting the selection button
7:Then it will show "Hide extension for known file types-OFF"
8:Then click on Apply
9:Now the pop up will be vanished
10:Then select the secret file
11:Press F2 to rename the file
12:Remove the extension from the file that is words after" .
Important "you should remember that particular extension or copy it to another place or notepad "
     for example  if your secret file is  "Photo.jpg"      ".jpg" is the extension
      Change extension  into another word ie,your name or else
     in this case let change it into "Photo.tnt"
     Then a pop up window will be displayed saying that you are going to change the extension and it may not   work well  blah  blah  

13:Thats all ,you done!!!!!. now Double click on that file and it may not open or you may not able to view that file
14:Then  do the step 2-5 and change  "Hide extension for known file types-OFF"  to "Hide extension for known file types-ON"
No one can open the file since *.tnt is not up to any program
Hope you all understood the trick it is simple and effective  no need of any software 
It will work effectively on *.jpg,  *.mp3 etc.........

To decrypt the file  Just do the revers   that is   rename the file after changing  "Hide extension for known file types-OFF" and replace the original extention in this case

Photo.tnt   to Photo.jpg
If you have any doubt or need further clarification do comment .Still there are lot of other method to encrypt but its a simple one that even a 10Years Old child can do this .
And if you have  any suggestion or if you feel any  bug in this trick please mention it Feel free to comment