My XP Taskbar has disappeared. Help! Easy solution

Easy solution
Press Alt+Ctrl+Delete .
Then task Manager will be pop up.
Click on New Task
Click on browse
Go to My computer Local Disk
Select  explorer.exe
Then click ok

Now your explorer will be opend

If Still have  Problem, This can happen if the Windows settings for a user account get corrupted, so you’ll need to start your computer in Safe Mode. Select the Administrator and enter the administrator password. Click Yes to close the message that states that Windows is running in Safe mode. Right-click My Computer and select Manage. In the list called Computer Management (Local), expand Local Users and Groups. Right-click the Users folder, then select New User. Type in the username and password where needed, then confirm the password. Untick the User must change password at next logon checkbox. Click Create, then Close, and then quit the Computer Management window. Restart Windows normally and log on as the new user. The taskbar should reappear.