How to create a unique icon for Each drive on Windows XP computer, and run a certain program when double-clicks on them in My Computer.

We can display unique  icon  for each drive in My Computer by creating  an Autorun.inf in the root of the
drive. This is exactly the same as in the case of the autorun feature of a CD or DVD.Autorun.inf is an instruction file associated with the Autorun function. A simple autorun.inf file looks like so: [autorun]
Here, autorun.exe is the executable file that is launched when the CD is inserted, and autorun.ico is the icon file that gives the CD its icon. In case of a disk partition, this file executes when you double-click the drive icon
in My Computer. Sometimes an executable file or a DLL that might contain an icon is also used instead of an icon file.
You can also try a freeware Autorun file editor such as the one from http://autorun.moonvalley.
com if you wish to play around with autorun files.