How to create a password reset disk for XP,and how to use it if you lose your password

 How do I create a password reset disk for XP, and how do I use it if I lose my password?
Its Common question 

There’s something called the Forgotten Password Wizard, which allows you to create a password reset disk that can be used to recover password and personalised computer settings if the password is forgotten. The steps to perform the task differ for domain and work-group scenarios.
If your computer is on a domain, you can create the Domain Password Reset Disk as follows.
Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Delete] to open the Windows Security dialog box. Click Change Password. Click Backup to open the Forgotten Password Wizard. Click Next, then follow the on-screen instructions.
If your computer is not part of a domain, you can create a Non-Domain Password Reset Disk; the procedure here varies depending on whether you have an administrator account or a limited account.
If you have an administrator account, create an Administrator Password Reset Disk:open User Accounts in the Control Panel. Select the Administrator. Click Prevent A Forgotten Password under Related Tasks.
Follow the instructions in the Forgotten Password Wizard. For a Limited Account Password Reset Disk, do the same, but by selecting the Limited User Account instead of Administrator.
Here’s how to use the Password Reset Disk to log on to a computer: boot through the disk you created. Click the username whose password is on the recovery disk. Press [Enter] or the Right Arrow. This causes the “Did You Forget Your Password?” message to appear. You can click the “?” button to see your password hint. If you have forgotten this as well, you can use your Password Reset Disk to reset your password. This will start the Password Reset Wizard. Follow the instructions and you will be able to
set a new password. The Password Reset Disk is also automatically updated with the new password information, so you don’t have to create a new password reset disk.
Note that the disk you create can only beused with the computer on which it was created.