Use of back links :SEO tips for basic optimization

Basic search engine optimization includes properly designing the webpage. Building one way back links and improving the landing pages are an important part of SEO.
While designing a website for your business, you target to impress potential clients, visitors, or buyers and the other important one search engines. Normal visitors would be impressed easily if you put good graphics and suitable eye catching stuff on your website. But the biggest challenge is to bring customers to your website. One of the best ways to get good quality customers is to get the top ranking on major search engines for the best suitable keywords for your website. And to rank well you have to impress the search engines and here comes the magic of SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a technique which is used to optimize a website is such a way that search engines gives preference to it in search results as compared to other competitors in the field. Search engines have a complicated set of algorithms to determine which sites are worthwhile and which sites is not worth for customers. Most important point in the criteria of search engines is the number of back-links to a site. This broadcasts a reputation f a site. So getting back-links from good quality websites is very important for better search ranking.

When a webpage is prepared, the most important thing to consider is the keyword density to be used. Ideally for primary keywords, the density should be 1 to 3%. Search engines like to see that the keywords used in a webpage is similar to the words people are searching for. They do this by crawling on your websites for indexing your keywords. So in order to have a good impact on these search bots, keywords should be uniformly distributed throughout the webpage. Also the keyword density should not increase a threshold value as the search engines can take this as spamming and can even ban the website.

Apart from this the search engine optimization should focus on designing a good Title and Meta description for the page. Though Google now does not gives any importance to Meta description but other search engines do. Google mainly focuses on Title of the webpage. So it should be properly designed in such a manner that the primary keyword comes first following the secondary and so on. But the length of this Title should be less than 65 characters, as Google does not cache more than 65 characters of title

Many webmasters use graphics and images to display what they are doing in an attractive manner. But important point is that the search engine bots cannot read content written in flash videos and images. So proper alt text should be used for videos and images. Also putting a lot of graphics can make your site load very slowly. Ideally for a website the page loading time should be 8 to 10 seconds. But adding more and more graphics can really make the process slow. This is also a criteria used by search engines.

So a proper planning and smart implementation is what required from a SEO expert or from a SEO services providers. Some basic points if considered can really be helpful to prove a website very effective in eyes of search engine.