Idea Internet On Mobile details

Idea's 3G compatible network supports General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), which allows you to access Internet websites and information portals on your mobile, making it possible to stay informed and remain truly connected in this dynamically changing and competitive environment. Gone are the days when connecting to a website from the mobile took as long as 2 - 3 minutes. GPRS compatible handsets ensure that as a user, you are "always on". There is no need for a dial up connection or any ISP connection.

Now you can now carry the World Wide Web in their pocket - The Idea World. Read email, get stock quotes, check the weather, read the latest news and even chat with friends and "Buddies" on Idea Network, Yahoo, MSN and ICQ while on the move.

One of the mind-blowing applications on GPRS is Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). Idea is among the pioneers in the country to provide MMS. This latest innovation in the area of mobile communication provides you the ability to communicate not just in voice or text but also in full colour images. Now you can send your emotions to your near and dear ones; with photographs, attach voice clips and append text too. Just in case the receiver does not have an MMS handset, even then the photographs can be accessed from our website For your convenience, we have also created a library of photo album and voice clips, from where you can choose and send photographs. Further, you can also compose your own MMS message on the above mentioned website and send it across to a cellular phone or any e-mail ID.

With the introduction of GPRS on its network, Idea also supports the use of the GPRS phone as a modem, providing busy lap top armed executives, like most of you; the opportunity to log in wirelessly while "on the go". Thus now you can surf the internet using our GPRS connectivity with your computer.

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