Free International Calls from your mobile

Free International Calls - Free Calls to India and Many Other Destinations

Ever needed to make an international call and just decided not to, after thinking about how much it was going to end up costing you? Well now you don't have to worry about fees or charges for making calls to someplace overseas. With, you can make free international calls to any number of places around the world.
You can make free calls to India, the US, Canada, China, Japan and a whole slew of other destinations. With our service, you can dial international numbers and instantly be connected, with no delays or wait time.

Here's how it works. The system is really very simple and couldn't be easier. To make a free international call, simply call one of our access numbers from your mobile phone- 0424215152 Then simply follow the instructions given. You will then dial 0011, followed by the country code and the actual number you want to call. That's it! After your call has ended, if you want to make another call, simply hit #, then you can dial international numbers again, without having to repeat the initial call to our access line.

So what's the catch? We are offering free international calls, so there must be a payment made somewhere, right? You do incur the local charge of your call, meaning you will be charged for the call from your mobile phone to our access number. However, the international portion of your call will, in fact, be free. So that means free international calls, like free calls to India or other locations. Even with a charge incurred by calling our access number, it will still prove to be much cheaper in the end than if you had just dialled the international number directly.

There are plenty of benefits to using our service to dial international numbers. Not only do get to make free international calls, meaning you can call India free or the US free, but you also get to make the call hassle free. Other services require you to setup an account first or prepay before making the call, but not here. There is no account to setup; no payment that needs to be made in advance and no special phone is required. You don't need to have access to a credit card and you won't even get an extra bill from us in the mail, as the charge for the initial call to our access number will be on your regular mobile phone bill. For information about the service please visit -