Installing windows media player 11 on pirated winXp systems

The WGA(Windows Genuine Advantage) concept dont allow to install WMP(windows media player)11 on pirated winXp systems.But u can install it in other way.

1)Rename WMP 11 setup file to wmp11.exe and put it in any drive (here d:\wmp11.exe).
2)create a folder in any drive with any name here(c:\wmp)
3)Now in run box type "d:\wmp11.exe /C" & click enter.(what we r donig is extraxting setup files to c:\wmp)
4)Browse the folder to c:\wmp and clk enter.
5) Now in c:\wmp u can see so many files.
(Dont click setup_wm.exe file)
Now first
dblclick umdf.exe,

then wmfdist11.exe (**win media format 11 along with winmedia pro which enables u to here 5.1 channels sound)

and then wmp11.exe.(The WMP 11 setupfile)

6) Now u can see wmp11 installed on your computer. ENJOY.

** remember u need sp2 on windows XP. and on windows server 2003 u need sp1 to install.

** Same can be applied to install IE7 on your computer.