NOKIA secret codes 3210/3310/3330/5110/6110/8210/8250/8290/8850/8890

To view IMEI number *#06#
To view Software Version enter *#0000#
To view Status of Sim Clock Stop. Enter *#746025625#
Latest Version is under Phone Info
Type is NSE-3NX
*#92702689# offers you Serial Number and also IMEI number. There are various options to scroll here.
The code is easier to remember as *#war0anty# (warranty)
The next screen is the date of manufacture in the format Made: 1197
The next screen is the purchase date in the format Purchasing Date: 1197 (this can be edited)
The next screen has Repaired: 0000 (presumable at repair the date is entered)
The next screen has Transfer User Data? (the same option as the 8110)
To exit turn the phone off and then back on.
*3370# to activate Enhanced Full Rate (*efr0#)
#3370# to deactivate Enhanced Full Rate (#efr0#)
*4720# to activate Half Rate (*hra0#) ONLY IN SOFTWARE VERSION V4.33 OR EARLIER
#4720# to deactivate Half Rate (#hra0#)
After pressing these codes the phone will shut down and start up again with the service activated/deactivated.
Unlock SP lock
Here is a way to Unlock your phone which is Service Provider locked, without to know SPLock code !!!!
Give it a try:
First of all, PIN CODE MUST BE ON, then press:

C and hold until it clears display
* and hold until start to blink
* and hold until start to blink
04* * *your pin#
Each time you turn your phone OFF it resets the lock, so this need to be done each time you'll turn your phone ON :-(
Anyway it's better than nothing, isn't it?
6110 Sim Card Locking
There are four different types of Sim Locks on the 6110 (not sure about 5110 yet).
1 = Country Lock - Lock to Specific Country
2 = Network Lock - Lock to Network
3 = Provider Lock - Lock to Service Provider
4 = Sim Lock - Lock to Specific SIM Card
To see the status of your phone
(mastercode) is a 10 digit number WITHOUT the brackets.
X is a number 1 through 4, it shows the above locks. Not sure of which numbers are assigned to which lock yet. (The numbers above stand for X => for esample: 1 = Country Lock
Sim not restricted message means your phone is NOT sim locked - Check all 4 to be sure.
Most SIMs are locked with the Service Provider Lock => f.e. to the network of MAX

Turning on Car Kit and Head Set Menus (Cannot be turned off)
To enable the headset-function, you have to short-circuit the "3" and "4". After a short time there is "Headset" on the display Now, menu 3-6 is now enabled!
To enable the carkit-function you have to short-circuit the "4" and "5". After a short time, "Car" is shown on the display and the menu 3-7 is enabled!!
If you short-circuit the left and the right contact with the middle contact ("3", "6" and "9") the Nokia Software hangs! The profile "Headset" will be activated. Before you do this, just active the "auto call receive" function in the headphone profile and set the ringing volume to "mute" Now you can use your phone for checking out what people are talking about in a room. Place the phone somewhere under a table in this room and call your phone! The phone receives the call without ringing and you can listen to the words these people are talking about!

Nokia 1610

To view IMEI number *#06#
To view Software Version enter *#170602112302#
Latest Version is under Phone Info
Desktop Charger----------------------|

| |

| |


V V 1 2 3 4 5 6 V

(o) | | [= = = = = =] | |

7 8 9 10 11 12
1 GND Digital Ground

2 V_OUT Accessory Output Supply. (Min/Typ/Max - 3.25V...10V - Output Current 50mA)

3 XMIC External Microphone Input and Accessory Identification


*TYP/MAX: 8...50 mV(The Maximum Value Corresponds to 0dBm Network


ID Accessory Identification



4 NC Not Connected

5 NC Not Connected

6 MBUS Serial Control Bus

*Logic Low Level: 0....0.5V

*Logic High Level:2.4V....3.2V

7 NC Not Connected

8 SGND Signal Ground

9 XEAR External Speaker and Mute Control

*Min/Typ/Max: 0....32....500 mV (Typical level corresponds to -16 dBM)

Network Level with Volume Control in Nominal Position 8dB Below Maximum

Maximum 0 dBM Maximum Volume Codec Gain -6dB)

Mute ON (HF SPEAKER MUTE ):0...0,5 V d.c.

Mute OFF (HF SPEAKER ACTIVE ): 1,0...1,7 V d.c.

10 Hook Hook Signal

*Hook Off (Handset in Use): 0....0.5V

*Hook On (Handset in Use): 2.4V....3.2V

11 NC Not Connected

12 V_IN Charging Supply Voltage (Max 16V)

Nokia 2010

To view IMEI number *#06#
To view Software Version enter *#9999#
Nokia 2110

To view IMEI number *#06#
To view Software Version enter *#9999#
Latest Version is under Phone Info
Type is NHE-1XN
Unlock SP lock
Here is a way to Unlock your phone which is Service Provider locked, without to know SPLock code !!!!
Give it a try
Turn the phone on, when the phone asks for the Security Code,
now quickly press:
Each time you turn your phone OFF it resets the lock, so this need to be done each time you'll turn your phone ON :-(
Anyway it's better than nothing, isn't it?
Nokia 2110e/2110i

To view IMEI number *#06#
To view Software Version enter *#170602112302#
If you have latest software version you have to enter *#682371158412125#
Latest Version is under Phone Info
To view Week and Year of manufacture enter *#3283#
On phones prior to 01/01/96 1295 means December 95, On phones after 01/01/96 2196 means 21st week of 1996.
To enter small letters hold down the key for a few seconds and it will turn caps off

Nokia 2110 Pinouts
Pinouts of X100 system connector
ANT 16 9 Charging connector

(O) I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I ( ) ( o )

CON 8 1
The left symbol (O) is the antenna connector for car kits. The symbol numbered 16-9 on the top and 8-1 on the bottom is the system connector. the ( ) is the open space next to the connector and the ( o ) is the charging connector for you home-charger.

PIN Name Description

--- ---- -----------

1,9 GND Digital ground

2 MIC/JCONN External audio input from accessories or handsfree microphone. Multiplexed with junction box connection control signal

3 AGND Analogue ground for accessories

4 TDA Transmitted DBUS data to the accessories

5 M2BUS Serial Bidirectional data and control between the handportable and accessories

6 HOOK/RXD2 Hook indication. HP has a 100KE pull-up resistor.

7 PHFS/TXD2 Handsfree device power on/off, data to flash programming device.

8,16 VCHAR Battery charging voltage

10 EAR/HFPWR External Audio output to accessories or handsfree speaker

11 DSYNC DBUS data bit sync clock

12 RDA DBUS recieved data from the accessories

13 BENA Power supply to headset adapter

14 VF Programming voltage for FLASH

15 DCLK DBUS data clock
Battery Connector (on the phone)


1 2 3 4

1 ...... GND ground (-)

2 ...... TBAT battery temperature

3 ...... BTYPE -"- type

4 ...... VBATT -"- battery voltage (+)
As you can imagine. YOU CAN DESTROY YOUR NOKIA BY FOOLING AROUND WITH THESE CONNECTIONS. Therefore I accept NO responsibility for any possible damages. My advise to you is to think twice before doing something and if you are going to try make use of a car-kit holder to get access to the X100 connector since it is to tiny to use a self-fashioned connector. IT IS POSSIBLE TO REPROGRAM THE NOKIA 2110 as is indicated by the pinout description so watch it !

DTMF Programming
If you dial in to a service number which requires DTMF strings after you have dialled in, you can program the whole sequence. What you do is:

Key in the number.
Press the * three times: a 'p' appears (pause).
Key in the DTMF code, you can use 'p' again in this string.
Store this in memory.
If you select the memory place, and dial the stored number, the mobile will wait a few seconds (pause) and then send the string as DTMF.
Another option is to press the * four times: a 'w' appears (wait). When the 'w' is reached in the callstring, 'DTMF' appears at the left menu button. When you press the left menu button the mobile starts sending DTMF.
Carkit Programming
If you use a carkit with handsfree AND additional handset, and you want to switch from handset to handsfree:

Press the left menu button, and put the additional handset on hook.
Now you are on handsfree.
Interesting thing to try
As you may know, 2110i supports Call Cost Limit function which means that you can limit the maximum of calls from your phone. This function has a feature that it shows the remaining credits in the third row of the display. It should decrease every time you make a call, but if your operator doesn't support this yet, you can display your phone number or anything else there.

And how to do this? First, go to the "DURATION AND COST" menu. Select "CALL COSTS LIMIT". The phone asks you the PIN2-code, you should get it from your operator. After entering PIN2, select "Set". Phone asks you "Limit:". Enter maximum of seven numbers you want to be visible on display, for example my phone number is 0405100210, so I enter 5100210. So these numbers will be last numbers on display.

And then go to back to the "DURATION AND COST" menu. Select "SHOW COST IN". Enter the PIN2-code. Select "Currency". Enter "Unit price:", I recommend setting it "1". Phone asks you "Currency unit:" Enter the maximum of three numbers or letters or symbols you want to be visible as first numbers/letters/ symbols on display. I entered "040".

Now you are ready. Quit the menu and the number should be on the third row of the display! So, on my display, the last row of the display says 0405100210. It stays there even if you switch off your phone. (Of course it disappears while
you dial a number or use the menu etc.)